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Olesia Shewchuk ©2021  


ThePerfectSpot Poster05c LTR.jpg

Composer, Editor, Actor, Co-Writer, Co-Producer

The Perfect Spot

6:30 min - Color - An Opera Short Film - Canada

Every day, Wendell visits his favourite spot on a beach and has it all to himself. But one afternoon he finds Isabella there and she refuses to give it up. In this short opera film, Wendell and Isabella battle for the perfect spot, until an unexpected discovery takes them both by surprise.


Winner Audience Choice Awards, 48hour Lucky Penny Opera Challenge 2021

WINNER: Lucky Penny Opera 48Hr Opera Challenge

WINNER: Best Musical - Southern Shorts Film Awards

WINNER: Best Genre Film - Adria Shorts Film Festival, Croatia

OFFICIAL SELECTION: European Short Film Festival, Berlin


Director, Editor, Composer

Mime Vs Junkie

4:44 minutes - BW - A Comedy Silent Film - Canada

In the vein of the silent cinema and the films of Charlie Chaplin, Mime Vs. Junkie is a charming little film that centers in a park, where a mime artist meets a junkie while struggling to earn a living. Their encounter leads to an amusing and unforgettable finale.  

Awards, Festivals and Screenings

Rising Star Award, Canada International Film Festival

Best Universal Language Film, Cambofest, Cambodia

Best Short Film Nomination, Beloit International Film Festival

Official Selection, Tulsa International Film Festival, Oklahoma

Official Selection, NSI Online Film Festival, Canada

Official Selection, Daytona Beach Film Festival, Florida

Official Selection, Ion Film Festival, Los Angeles/Nigeria

Official Selection, BC Deaf Film Festival, Vancouver BC

Screening, Celluloid Social Club, Vancouver


Director, Editor

The Perfect Gift for Flora

6:57 min - Color - Drama - Canada

'When a mother and father promise their daughter anything that she wants for her birthday, things get a little complicated in their attempt to fulfill her request. Scriptwriter, Anna Wang and Director, Olesia Shewchuk tell a comical yet striking story, grappling with issues like parental neglect, racism, culture, and misinterpretation.'

- Kwaku Adu-Poku, Schema Magazine

Awards and Screenings

Best Performance in a Short Film for Actress Under 10, 32nd Annual Young Artist Awards 2011, LA

Official Selection, New Asia Film Festival, Vancouver

Breaking Ground Poster 02a - 4x6.jpg

Director, Sound Design

Breaking Ground

8:34 min - Color - Drama - Canada

A Canadian border guard, Bill, faces off against a Colombian farmer, Paolo – who has stowed away in a container ship and landed at the Port of Vancouver. With a language barrier, a power imbalance, and rules and regulations putting pressure on the situation, Bill must make a life-changing decision that will be a turning point in both of their lives.  

Awards, Festivals

Winner: Merit Award for Cultural Perspective, Montana CINE International

Official Selection: Vancouver Latin American Film Festival

Official Selection: Whistler Film Festival

Official Selection: Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival

Official Selection: Boston Latino International Film Festival


Director, Editor

Breath of Fresh Air

3:27min - Comedy - Canada

Travis wants to air a new side of himself to his flawless girlfriend, Amanda. He's going to take their relationship to the next level… will this act rip them apart? In this cute romantic comedy short film, one man's expectations pass through the ultimate test.


Winner, 2nd Runner Up BEST SHORT FILM Audience Choice, Tickle Me Ottawa Film Festival

Official Selection, Tulsa International Film Festival


Director, DP, Editor

Romeo and Juliet

12:18 minutes - Drama - Canada

Shakespeare’s classic modernized with two women who fight for love in this beautiful short film set in Vancouver’s luscious Stanley Park.


Finalist, Superu Online Competition

Official Selection, International Film Festival South Africa, Johanessberg


Director, Editor, Composer

The Roommate

5 min - Comedy - Canada

Sam and Brad are opposites.  Brad and Sam are roommates.  In this quirky little comedy, Brad drives Sam to the breaking point. Until finally, Sam figures out a way to get rid of Brad… for good!!!


Official Selection, Gangrene Film Festival, Salt Lake City, Utah

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